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BOSSFOUR offers a number of unique services, which are indispensable modern communication elements for both institutions, investors and companies, and these services are represented in two main areas: public relations and consulting.

Public Relations

Public Relations



Services provided for project

Services provided for project

Public Relations

Our services in the PR field of  are based on making our clients  save time and effort , making linking and communication process stable, strong and accurate, and building tight and organized relationships in short time between government institutions and investors at the highest level, and the most prominent of these services:

Developing communication mechanisms

Among companies, individuals and institutions in a professional and modern way. We also explore the context of your work and provide you with options that are compatible your goals. We provide both customized and made-to-order packages.

Establishing vast range of communications

To help reach your goals through the most effective and optimal strategies. We facilitate proper communication with officials and government institutions, individuals and sovereign funds to ensure that the project is stable and has a strong legal standing.

Facilitating secure partnerships

By providing access to a vast network of credible partners from various sectors, supported with a framework of partnership that covers the legal and logistical details, especially with regard to cross-border partnerships so as to avoid conflict with local laws and regulations, and the risks of dealing with entities and individuals subject to international sanctions.


Our consultancy services are designed to provide comprehensive information and guidance in the field of investment, with careful focus on the details specific to each project and client , such services as:

Identifying opportunities for investment and partnership

what we offer is based on well-reasoned standards for networking and harmonization among clients whose partnerships are mutually beneficial on the one hand, and among those whose services are complementary on the other, so as to seize major investment opportunities for both.

Risk assessment

Our specialist team of consultants from various business sectors employ a variety of risk monitoring and assessment mechanisms and tools. They also report any potential risks while putting forward practical suggestions for flawless workflow.

Institutional audit

External institutional audit services foster your company’s profile credibility. We empower you to prepare for this audit and provide you with a range of services that include data analysis, recommended procedures for improved profile, and development of relevant mechanisms to ensure consistency throughout the work cycle.

Strategies planning and development

We lay the proper foundations of projects, build their strategies, and assess the viability and feasibility of project goals based on well-thought approach. We also seek to provide the best business policies for institutions and individuals in order to ensure the widest horizons of success and excellence.

Administrative and legal consulting

We offer various forms of long- and short-term cooperation, utilizing the considerable expertise of our legal and administrative staff. You can choose among our flexible options to obtain emergency services for specific cases, or temporary services to support a project.

Cross-sector industry

We have built broad and diverse partnerships to cover the wide sectors of businesses. Our diverse services reach the various investment sectors, including manufacture, mining, energy, technology, stock market, advertising, services, tourism and beyond.

Package of services provided for each project

We offer an integrated package of services for each project, starting with analyzing the market, to scenario planning, monitoring, and producing recommendations. This includes: 

  • 01Applying proper scientific approaches to studying the project in full detail from various angles and lenses.
  • 02Market assessment to maximize impact.
  • 03Supporting accelerated project license
  • 04In-depth analysis to identify weaknesses in the current operations and competencies.
  • 05Providing recommendations for better processes and controls for improved efficiency.
  • 06Managing the transition phase to ensure a smooth transformation.
  • 07Continuous follow-up and monitoring of the project, from initiation to planning and then ensuring proper implementation.